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Founded in the year 1993, Twin Peak International has become a growing business

for imported Hair Goods located in Atlanta, Georgia.


Twin Peak International, Inc
Our customer base has grown over the years, and we continue to provide one of the best affordable hair products available in the markets for Retailers across the country.
Twin Peak International has a collection of Hair Wigs, Extensions, Braids, Synthetic hair, Human hair, and many other popular hairstyles that keep up with the current trends todays. Our most popular Collection, DEJAVU, is our most reputable Hair Product that stands up to competitive pricing. We are known for our wide range of Imported Hair Goods that not only have the quality most consumers are looking for, but it is affordable. Our low prices are consistent with our competitors, and our goal is to get you the best quality of hairs at an affordable price for resale. We also have a wide selection of high-quality Hair products in our Living Color Collection that target the more extravagant buyers that want the best quality human hair available on the markets. We ship and have pick-up options on the same day as your order. We thrive on customer satisfaction, and we are confident you will stay in business with us once you have elected to start a relationship with us. Not only do we treat our customers with respect, but we develop strong relationships with each one of them.
We believe trust and commitment are the highways to having a successful business.
We have a range of Korean and English-speaking Sales Representatives
that are waiting to do business with you.

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